Gm Apply for DBZ universe of destruction

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Gm Apply for DBZ universe of destruction

Post  Princeton14 on Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:04 am

Usernname- PJ_14

Name In Game- Soulja , DaPrince, or Mr.Soulja

Age- 14

Level for gm- 3-4

Reason- I want to be a Gm because I think I'm good enough to be one. I been a Gm on a couple games and I was a very helpful person. Every game I was Gm in, I was always a High Council or Staff Counil cause of my good behavior. I can be on almost every day of the week (mostly 5 days a week). If i become Gm, i would do my best to help anybody's need of assistant. Very Happy Smile afro


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