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Post  Dayo24 on Wed Dec 31, 2008 6:35 pm


In Game Name- Dayo

Reason of Being GM: Well for starters I don't boss the owner around like Kaz. I don't abuse the verbs I have. I would like to help the Owner when he is AFK. I've had a few experiences In life and on byond of leader/admin Of something. If Possible I would like to start out with Verbs that could really help players. I'm on for quite awhile. I have school 6AM-5PM Moday-Friday. Saturday-Sunday All day. Whenever the Owner is isnt on and about 25 players are on, a spammer, spams like crazy which makes people leave, but ill be there to stop the Spammer and keep players. Whenever the people want the owner and start yelling OWNER OWNER OWNER. I would be there to help people.

Contact me at:

Thank you


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