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GM for dbz

Post  savioor on Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:11 pm

Hello my name is savioor, i would like to take a chance to be Moderator on this wonderful game. i have experienced many games and i took care of a bunch of people. i would stay up all day to help people. that is how helpful i am. it doesnt matter if you make me low enforcer. i would still help people because i care for the people that need help. i would teach them a lesson if they get into trouble ill be looking everywhere to see if there is any trouble going on. Please give me a chance.I will try to be the best helper i can be. i am not a mean person im a nice person Very Happy . if you need any of my contacts please contact me if you need any more questions!


Have a very nice day!!!
sincerely, Savioor Surprised


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